Top 5 tips for completing the 3Phase application

Interested in joining the 3Phase portfolio, but parts of the application seem a little fuzzy? Here are our top five tips for completing the 3Phase application.

  1. Understand who will be purchasing your innovation. This is not just the industry, but the individuals (by title) that will be purchasing the innovation.
  2. Illustrate your value proposition. This is the pain or gain that the company realizes from the innovation. This may be increased sales, decreased cost, improved customer services or lives saved.
  3. Describe your uniqueness. There is very little "Blue Ocean" in today's innovation landscape. What is it that your innovation does differently than the other products in the market and why it matters.
  4. Do the market research! There is a wealth of information out there about the various markets (size and growth rate) for not only the broad market but the sub-segment that you compete in.
  5. Give a clear picture of who will have what role relative to the project and how they are equipped to execute with excellence against that role. Also, it is virtually impossible to be both the Principle Investigator and Chief Executive Officer.

Still have questions? Feel free to email our team and we'll get back with you shortly.